Abdelhamid Hussein

Abdelhamid Hussein

عبد الحميد حسين


Translation’s summery of critical and literary essay written by Tarek Al Shoshary, Journalist and Critic in Al Sharaq Al Awsat, daily newspaper published in London, UK.

Dated on October 2003.

Sadness, this negative human feeling that no one can avoid as most of us have experienced in loss, pain and failure in life. An interesting paradox indicates that there is a kind of friendly and warm relation between sadness as a feeling and human being. The most strange, in addition to that, is the purpose of sorrow as a feeling and value of being sad.

In general, like all negative emotions, sadness is a feeling state that does not feel good, we seek to avoid it by all ways.

However, through his book ( Importance of being Sad) for Abdelhamid Hussein, we found that there is purpose of sadness can go a long way to helping us experience and see deeply all facts around us and lead happier, healthier lives.

The paradox is that our most useful emotion is also our most painful and it is sadness.

Abdelhamid Hussein, an Austro-egyptian poet and writer published his new book ( The Importance of being Sad), in Media Com, Tunisia 2003.