Abdelhamid Hussein

Abdelhamid Hussein

عبد الحميد حسين


Known by his nickname “Mido Hussein”, Abdelhamid Hussein is an Austrian–Egyptian abstract painter and writer living recently in Dubai (www.midohusseinpaintings.com).

Abdelhamid Hussein was born in Esna, Upper Egypt in 01st of December 1958. He has been living in Vienna since 1982. Hussein is a member of Syndicate of Egyptian Writers’ Union in Cairo. His books were published in Germany, Egypt, Tunisia, and Kuwait. He has participated in art exhibitions in Dubai, Vienna, and Paris.


In Arabic


  • “Al Foul Habibi” (Fava Beans are my sweetheart), Forlag: Visionmedia Syd Vaxjo- Sweden. And also in Dar Rawaa Publishing House, Cairo, Egypt 2016.

Poetry: Lyric Poems (in Arabic)

  • “Ketaba ala Gedar Al Samt” (Writing on The Wall of Silence), Cairo, 1982.
  • “Ahameyet an Takona Hazeenan” (The Importance of Being Sad), Tunisia, 2003.
  • “Al Phaylasoph Al Saghir” (The Little Philosopher), Dar Rawaa Publishing House Cairo, 2016.



  • Awarded the best poem award in the contest of “Arabic Poetry” Faculty of Arts, University of Cairo, February 1979
  • Awarded the best poem award in the contest of “Al Arab” international newspaper issued in London, United Kingdom, May 1986.



  • Translation of The Swiss Novel (The Father) “Der Vater”, Hanser Verlag, Germany 1998
    written by the Swiss Novelist and Writer (Juerg Acklin), into Arabic language in Ebdaat Alamia Publishing house, Kuwait 2015.
  • “Al Mashi w El Tekrar” (Walking & Repeat), Play written by The Austrian Dramatist Gerhard Olbrich, Dar Rawaa Publishing House Cairo, Egypt 2016.

In German

  • Books Published “Shaker Verlag” in Aachen, Germany).
  • The Myth of Oedipus in the Contemporary Egyptian Theatre, 2003.
  • Greek Mythology in the Contemporary Arabic Theatre, 2003.
  • “Arabic Jokes” published in the largest publishing House in Germany, dtv- Verlag in Munich, 2004. It was the first book in German about the Arabic Joke accompanied by a literary and historical study about the history of Arab humor from “Goha” until now. It was a great success and received great literary fame in the Frankfurt International Book Fair in 2004. It was printed in three editions in a row and it had a great impact in the German, Austrian, Swiss and Polish press.
  • Books published in German are available at libraries and bookstores in German speaking cities. They are also considered repertoires for the promotion of Arab culture and theatre in European universities.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Arts- Cairo University. Graduation Class of May 1980 Greek and Latin Studies. Post Graduate Diploma- Faculty of Arts- Cairo University- May 1981. Master of Arts (Theatre Studies) from University of Vienna in 1987 and Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Theatre Studies in 1991 from University of Vienna, Austria.